Páraic Mac Donnchadha

Not Before Time ... Thar Am


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* Digital Download size 676mb - download available after purchase

Launch date of this gorgeous banjo album is the Feakle Festival of 2018 and such a perfect venue as this is the Prophet's Mountain where he holds magical court and where the cd was recorded.

39 years in the making, a Pháraic ach mar is eol do chách, an rud is mall is mithid! and this is a timely reminder that patience is a virtue that brings reward. He is a session saoi who infuses and transfers an energy that forms a musical swell on which everyone rides the ensuing wave for the night.

As a listener , I have witnessed this alchemy on many occasions in Peppers in Feakle.The music and the other musicians who share the stage with him are his muse and he drives the session at a perfect pace.

The music on this cd is reflective of these mythic occasions and ally this to its wonderfully packaged presentation (an albam is deise a chonaic mé riamh) and you possess a cd that you will value for eternity .. ie: buy it instantly!