Doireann Glackin, Sarah Flynn - The Housekeepers


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May 2019 release of  duet fiddle and concertina music by Doireann and Sarah where the music of five female musicians of the 20th Century is celebrated.

  Ella Mae O' Dwyer,Nora Hurley,Aggie Whyte,Ellen Galvin and Mollie Myers Murphy were gifted musicians whose musical exposure was in a sense stunted by the confines  and social mores of their time which dictated that they were, in general, stay-at-home musicians. Their music was constrained by their house-keeping duties and they never got to develop as equal musicians.

   We had the great fortune to record Kitty Hayes from Moy in west Clare and she definitely fell into this category.

   Doireann and Sarah do justice to the memories of this great cohort of unrecognized and in some cases, invisible musicians.