Hugh Healy



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2010 was the last time that Hugh brought an album out and there is a saying in Irish which goes like this - An rud is mall is mithid and Ceolaire is a release which is timely despite its length of time forming.

   Hugh is one of those concertina players whom you love listening to whether it be in a throbbing Knox's full of appreciative Americans or on the beach in Inis Oirr backing an inebriated ballad singer and making it so perfect.

 So, I am retiltling this release "Ceolaire Draíochtúil " and hope to off load quickly the box  of 119 that he so kindly dropped into us here on the afternoon of August  18th, 2021.

 Rath agus bláth ort oíche is ló le do chuid saothair, Hugh!

 (Helen Doherty was the first to buy one after its magical , musical tendrils drew her in from the streets of Ennis).