Tom O' Dwyer and Friends

No Guiding Light


Tom O' Dwyer hails from Tipperary town and plays guitar,banjo and mandolin.

He is joined by his friends Noel McCarthy on fiddle, Pat Collins on concertina,Stephanie Moore on guitar and Aoife O' Dwyer on fiddle.

None of these are virtuoso players but there is a palpable love and passion for the music they play and the joy of making music and the elation of being involved in the making of this album shines forth .

Give me this fresh ,undiluted innocence any day because this is what makes Irish music rich and pure and represents the majority of musicians out there.

Lovely tune variety from jigs to hornpipes and waltz and songs to keep with the ease of  pace of the album and what makes it extra special is  that all tunes and songs are composed by Tom himself.

Eoin and Quentin,consummate professionals as ever,bring it all together.