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Brian O' Rourke

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The first incarnation of Brian O' Rourke in my world was witnessed at a session upstairs in The Crane Bar in Dominick Street in Galway sometime in 1991.There was mesmerising  music taking place on a Thursday night with the place throbbing with people of every nationality, idir og is aosta.   

A set had just finished and I noticed a Moses - type ,elegant, noble figure approaching from the entrance, the crowd making way like the Red Sea parting when he was escaping Eqypt.I heard the first epic rendition  of Chantal and the  house was spellbound. 

Over 25 years later, the dormant song craftsman issues a new album out of the lightly- smoking crater and past glories are reawakened and revisited. I know these beautifully-crafted lines from this erudite giant as I have gotten to know him well in the intervening years and have again sat in awe at his word wizardry.  Simple magic is the best.