The Clare Ceilí Band

Turas Ceoil


August 2020 release of dance music played by a group of fabulously talented young musicians who originally practised as a tin whistle band in 2012 under the easy guidance of Colm Nestor.

   They blossomed over the years into a very loyal,musically - caring band of very accomplished musicians where the ethos was the enjoyment  that was to be derived from playing and improving together, where the music became an extension of their own personalities played in a pressure-free environment.

  The 15 tunes on the cd are favourites all over,played at a lovely tempo,a medium in which dancers would thrive.

   I personally know Lily,Hannah,Eileen and Eoin and love the innocent,genuine exhuberance which they bring to the table and I wish them well in their musical odyssey.

  Up Ballyea!