Damien O' Reilly - Dúchas


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Damien dropped his maiden solo cd into the shop on 17th May, 2019 and as is his wont, it was a very understated,shy presentation of a work that has been forming within him for many's the year.

    Damien's disposition is quiet and unpushy but I always remarked that behind this exterior was a deep-thinking,meticulous individual especially where music was concerned, consumed in a positive way with the history of the individuals and the provenance of the tunes.

   I can vouch for his admirable propensity for cd accumulation from this shop. What others may call a profligacy, each cd was researched and  valued and over a period of time was forensically examined with musical enlightenment ensuing.

   Is de réir a chéile a thógtar an caisleán and with the launch of this cd, the foundations for his musical ascent have been established.