Angela Usher

The Gort Mile


September 2018 launch of Angela's maiden solo cd and it begs the question why it took so long for this to be recorded.

   From her home base of Manchester with its fertile musical  background, she was always going to be involved with music someway and teaching seems to be her passion as many young musicians will vouch for.

   She was a founding member of the band, Toss the Feathers and with family roots in Peterswell in east Galway, the Cooley influence was always going to leave its mark on her,with many long summer evenings spent in the company of Jack Cooley playing tunes and listening to great stories of a golden era of Irish traditional music.

   Looking forward to her making an appearance at The Ennis November Trad Festival or before that with one of her regular excursions to the music bible belt of east Galway.


Not available for the time being (March 2024)!!!