Brendan Mulholland and Micky Mc Cluskey


Stephen Mulholland called into the shop on the Thursday of the November Trad Fest,2019, bearing a box of his brother's new cd with Micky Mc Cluskey.

  I have always loved Brendan's flute playing and a cd was unwrapped and offered to  the critically-educated streets of Ennis and the effect was very immediate. It drew musicians in from all genres asking who the musician was.

  People who know Brendan also enquired as to the identity of the flute player. This in itself is a compliment as it demonstrates the evolving nature of his music.

   Brendan had a prior committment to a music festival in Belgium so we'll fly his and Micky's flag for the duration of Ennis Trad Fest and beyond.

    Well done, lads - a true gem!