Chris Droney of Bell Harbour

and the Tradition of the concertina in North Clare


We loved Chris Droney calling to the shop because he was a truly beautiful person whom we loved sharing time with.

  The only time I witnessed Chris in a state of angst was when I called to his house on the way down from Galway. He relayed the story to me of the time he was putting down with Seamus Tansey and a friend drinking copious amounts of whiskey and unable to direct them towards the gate from whence they entered.(Chris was a pioneer)

 This book is a fitting and timely testament to a gentle, genuine musical colossus formed by the Burren landscape where three generations of his family lived and farmed agus ní feidir é a shéanadh nach mbeidh a leithéid arís ann.

  The book will be launched at the Consairtín Festival on Thursday 13th April 2023 in Ennis.