Elaine Hogan - In Thr3 Minds


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Elaine dropped her first solo release into the shop on 5th June, 2019.

   I was thrilled to see it on the counter the following day so I listened avidly to it on the shop stereo which plays out on the learned streets of Ennis.

   Elaine happened to be out on an errand and she arrived in with a bewildered, contented look on her face.

    You work diligently over months of practice and thought and eventually you have the physical product but to hear it wafting up O' Connell Street must be a humbling and a baring experience.

    Elaine is a beautiful musician and she possesses the draíocht and musical alchemy of the ancient Irish harpers. Her music has the ability to transport you , heart and soul, to a nicer, gentler,warmer place and this quality is her's in abundance.

  Go n-éirí go geal le'd cheol binn, séimh!