Pat Walsh

Simply Whistle


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Mike Mc Goldrick alerted me about the imminent release of this cd and put Pat in touch with me.

  The cd arrived and Frances played it and was immediately captivated by its magic. She brought it home still waxing lyrical about it and the minute I heard it, it brought back memories of the spiritually lifting days of the 1970's and 1980's in Doolin when Micko Russell roamed his north Clare kingdom and life and music was rich in its  simplicity.

  This is music which entraps and converts and gives credence to the belief that when whistle is played like this, it  rivals the appeal any of the more "established" instruments.

   Pat , in my phone conversation with her, maintained that this should have been recorded an eon ago but the old Irish saying came to mind  - an rud is mall is mithid  and this recording is timely, despite the years.